Not their crime, not their fault

The children of prisoners are the invisible victims of crime. Not their crime, not their fault.

Second Chances SA is a South Australian charity dedicated to those people impacted by crime, especially the children of prisoners. Children of prisoners are seven times more likely to go to prison than any other group in society. It is estimated by the Commissioner for Children and Young People that there are approximately 4,000 Children in South Australia who have a parent in prison.

Children of prisoners struggle with emotions like abandonment and false guilt. Some of them think maybe it is their fault that Mum or Dad have gone to prison.

We help the children feel a sense of acceptance, belonging and value, by giving them Birthday presents and Christmas presents at those special times of the year. We also take them on Mentoring Camps where they learn positive values and meet new friends. For the older children we help them find a vocational pathway including helping them get identification, birth certificates and drivers’ licences – just to get going in life.

Families of prisoners struggle on this side of the fence and they need help. You can help us help them.

A $40 donation can help a child receive a Birthday present on their special day or two Christmas presents, so they are not forgotten. Your donations will also help the children receive school uniforms, shoes, and backpacks. This helps restore their dignity.

Will you help us help them? Thank you for supporting the children in South Australia.