Our programs bring together 20 years of experience of working within prisons and in the community with prisoners’ families.

We meet people where they are at and break down the barriers that stop people from reaching out for help.


Children of prisoners feel especially left out and lonely at Christmas time. They are isolated from their dads and/or mums and don’t normally get to receive Christmas presents.

Christmas Angels is the special program run by Second Chances SA to remember these children at Christmas time. This doesn’t replace an absent parent, but provides a way for the imprisoned parent to give their child presents at Christmas time.

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Bringing Hope is our In-Prison Volunteering program. To break the cycle of crime we must focus attention on giving those in prison the opportunity to turn their life around and rehabilitate, so that when they are released they can live a life free of crime.

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PK Mentoring Camps

PK Mentoring Camps teach a range of values such as trust, friendship, integrity, respect, self-discipline, kindness, honesty, courage, perseverance, compassion, forgiveness, dependability and generosity away from the home environment.

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PK Family Care

PK Family Care was established as a team of social workers and counselors devoted to the needs of the children of offenders. The PK Family Care Team make contact with between 10 and 15 families a week through phone, mail and home visitation; they encourage them, advocate for their needs and offer them real connection and support. This is made possible by a DSCI Special Youth Grant.

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Like at Christmas time, birthdays are particularly hard for children who have one or both parents in prison. They can feel like their birthday has been forgotten and that their parent doesn’t care about them.

Through PK Birthdays, Second Chances provides new presents for a child of a prisoner delivered courtesy of Christian Motorcyclists Association on their birthday, reminding them that they are valued and loved.

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