Second Chances SA

Restoring hope

Second Chances SA is a non-profit volunteer organisation supporting people in prison, their children and families with a range of custom-designed programs to create brighter, better futures.

We are committed to restoring hope in lives and communities across South Australia.

Transforming lives and communities

Restoring hope to prisoners, their children and families with practical, emotional and spiritual support is community crime prevention.

Transformed lives result in social impact, economic benefit and common good.

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Latest News

Final Report: Two Years of Helping Youth At-Risk

The Getting Ready for Take Off project aimed to break the inter-generational cycle of welfare dependency for young people, aged up to 25 years, who have or have had a parent or guardian in prison. We supported participants to develop a vision of their future, including a pathway to employment.

Proposal for youth employment

Proposal for Youth Employment

We are seeking partners to invest in our proven work so more vulnerable young people can overcome their fears and barriers to success. Together, we can give them hope for a productive future to employment. This is based on our combined 12 years’ experience and effective advocacy to achieve placements for a good start to […]

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