What We Do

Restoring Prisoners

To break the cycle of crime, we focus our attention on giving prisoners the opportunity to turn their lives around. This breaks the cycle of crime. People who commit crimes and enter prison are already in a state of hopelessness. Many of them have been victims themselves. If we do not restore them with hope, they will return to society unchanged.

Restoring Children and Families

Our goal is to prevent generational crime by supporting youth and families in achieving positive life outcomes – regardless of family history. Through goal setting, mentoring and instilling of acceptance, belonging and value, we can help reshape their futures.

Restoring Communities

The community as a whole needs to believe that people can change so they can take full advantage of a ‘second chance’ for a new life as crime-free, tax-paying citizens. We believe in working closely with government agencies, other organisations and community groups to pave a way for greater understanding.