Introducing Michael O’Connell as our Victims’ Advocate

We are pleased to announce the appointment of our first Victims’ Advocate, former Commissioner for Victims, Mr Michael O’Connell AM APM to this inaugral position.

He’s advocated for many victims over the past three decades and is highly respected by academics and those who care about the impact of crime upon victims.

The case for representing and giving voice to the voiceless, is something which resonates closely with him and with us. 

Michael continues to research the plight of the children of prisoners in South Australia and around the country and understands very well the impact of crime upon ‘secondary victims’ which includes the children and families of the offender.

Michael feels his experience is easily aligned to the role of Second Chances SA and its mission and wants to give voice to those who have none. He is no stranger to the media and we look forward to working with him closely in the coming years. We welcome Michael with open arms.