Brave South Aussies on Ch 10’s The Sunday Project

On Sunday, 15 September, a brave group of young South Australians, supported by Second Chances SA, shared their stories of growing up as a child with a parent in prison with Patrick Abboud on Channel 10’s The Sunday Project

“The Innocent Victims of Crime” on The Sunday Project (Channel 10)

It is estimated there are around 43,000 children and young people across Australia with a parent in prison.

“The children of prisoners are the innocent, invisible victims of crime,” says Helen Glanville, Second Chances SA Chief Executive.

“I feel odd out compared to everyone else. They’ve had experiences with their parents that I’m never going to have.”

Kiara, 16

Through programs like PK Mentoring Camps, PK Family Care, PK Birthdays and Christmas Angels we are practically and emotionally supporting children, young people and families impacted by a family member’s imprisonment.